Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NC15)


Hey Beauties!

Today's post is about the MAC Studio Finish Concealer, which I got together with MAC lipstick, which I reviewed here. My cousin send it to me from Germany and the plastic transparent round thing on the top actually fell out and stick into the concealer. That's why the ugly patter in the concealer. Don't worry the transparent thing pops right back in, so it's all good :).

I said to her to buy me the NC15 shade. I just did it by feeling, not knowing if the shade is going to suit me or not. The packaging is plastic black with silver shimmer, as are probably all of them. It clicks when you close it and it is a pretty strong system. It shouldn't open. It contains 7 grams of product and it cost me 20 €, which is a lot. As far as the texture goes it's pretty hard when you try to get it out of the pot. It does melt a little if you have it near the heat source or massage it between your fingers. It has a very non distinctive smell, which is barely noticeable and nothing special. It also contains SPF 35.

As far as the shade goes, it's a light pretty warm shade. It looks a bit light peach toned, almost a bit ashy sometimes - that's probably because the shade is so fair. It's definitely more for fair warmer ladies. It applies very sticky, because it is very pigmented and heavy concealer. Dries to a complete matte finish. However, I was not impressed by the power of it. It does starts to fade away after a while and what I really don't like is that it gets into those fine lines on your face. Absolutely not appropriate concealer for around the eyes or anywhere where there are any kind of lines. It is great for covering red spots on your face and especially good for pimples. It's also pretty drying. So I think that this works great only as a cover up and even that didn't impress me as much as it should. 

I tried to compare it to my other concealers. It is definitely harder in texture and more pigmented then Catrice's Camouflage Cream and it is also a lot lighter shade, but also a bit more pinkish toned than Catrice's Camouflage Cream in 010 Ivory. Revlon Colorstay Concealer in 02 Light is very different from both of them, since it is pretty liquid and very moisturizing. It is also the most yellow toned from all of these, so great for warmer ladies. NC15 shade is actually quite good match for me in the winter, since I do get very pale in the face. However, once I go on a bit of sun, it will definitely be more of a highlighter, since it won't be the best match shade for my foundations.

Natural lighting:  (L to R)  MAC, Catrice and Revlon

Flash light:  (L to R)  MAC, Catrice and Revlon

Artificial lighting:  (L to R)  MAC, Catrice and Revlon

I'm sorry for terrible lighting, you know how it is in those gloomy winter days. I hope you kind of got the feeling in comparison to the other concealers, what this shade looks like. I don't think this was worth the money, since it didn't really impress me in any kind of way. I am kind of sorry for maybe not purchasing the pro longwear concealer. I guess I just had too big expectations, since this is the oh-so-famous MAC brand and this product was a let down. I though it would cover up anything and not go into my lines. But even with some very red spots, the redness was showing through.

If you have any recommendations as far as which MAC concealer is very pigmented and still moisturizing enough and has a heavy coverage, I'm open to any suggestions :).

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6 komentarji

  1. Izgleda dosti svetel, samo do zdaj mi ni noben korektor v taki obliki bil dejansko všeč. Imam raje kaj bolj vlažilnega. Super, da si naredila primerjavo swatchev. Ocen je milijon, skoraj noben pa ne primerja :)

    1. Ja ful je svetel. Meni bo hitro presvetel, pa se smatram kot zelo svetlo. Se strinjam s tabo, jaz imam tudi raje vlažilne, ampak sem imela nekako upanje, da bo vsaj zelo prekriven. Hvala:) Meni bi bilo tudi lažje izbrati odtenek, če bi kje videla primerjavo:)

  2. Zame bi bil odtenek verjetno ravno pravi, ker se mi včasih zdi ta od Catrice malce preveč rumenkast...Čeprav bom pa verjetno raje kupila Pro longwear, ker naj bi bil baje boljši za podočnjake kot pa ta....

    1. Verjetno bi bil dovolj svetel ja, ampak nikakor ni primeren za podočnjake. Meni je tudi žal, da nisem raje pro longwear kupila:/

  3. Hejla. Zelo mi je všeč primerjava med njimi. Ravno se odločam za kaj novega...škoda da je bolj trde teksture, ker bi bil odličen za podočnjake,
    xoxo Nika

    1. Hey. Hvala:) Res ni najbolj primeren, razen če nimaš nič gubic pod očmi:) xx