Review: Moon Princess Fashion Lashes (D3)


Hey Beauties!

Most of you really liked my latest makeup look, inspired by Jessica Rabbit. A lot of you also saw how crazy big my eyes looked. I got some lashes from Born Pretty Store and I knew those required some really bold makeup. If any of you liked it, here is what I have to say about them.

They come in a plastic box, like most. They cost 5.47$, which is around 4€. They're not the cheapest ones, but they are really well made. The thing I didn't even know is that they are supposedly handmade. I was really surprised by that fact, but as soon as I got them out of the box, it made sense. 

The lashes are extremely soft. I've had my share of fake lashes for competition purposes, when I was a dancer and I have never had so soft lashes. They are very dense. The band is thick and black, which means they are a bit harder to work with. It helps if you bend them a little, so that they bend easier, when you put them on. They are the longest in the middle and shorter on both ends. This gives you a very dramatic bambi look, because the hair is very long. However, they are easy to wear, because they are so soft, therefor very light. If they had an invisible band, they would be perfect.

They are definitely very dramatic and would probably not be used for everyday. You can see here that they look very long and still feathery

If you're looking for dramatic fake eyelashes for your next costume party, then those are it! Definitely recommend them. The quality is amazing for the price.

You can buy the lashes here. If you're up for a discount code, you can use mine. It's PETRAH10 and you'll get 10% off your order.

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10 komentarji

  1. Če bi jih videla samo v škatli, jih ne bi nikoli vzela. Ampak na tebi so tako awesome, da bi jih takoj imela :)

    1. Ja v škatlici res niso preveč zanimive. Imajo pa res velik učinek na očeh. Mislim, da še nikoli nisem imela tako dolgih umetnih trepalnic:). Ampak tvoje so verjetno že same po sebi tako dolge - srečnica:).

  2. Woow! These eyelashes are really beautiful. They look like feathers! I like them very much :) They really go with you :)

    1. They're amazing. And very very light and soft. :) Thanks:)

  3. Replies
    1. Lashes? The corners went off a bit in an hour. But that's probably because I don't have the best glue. If you cut them into three pieces and then put them on the eyes, they'll stay put for as long as you want to :).