Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Eyeshadow Flawless


Hey Beauties!

I was also dragged in the flood of new products from Makeup Revolution. The one palette that appealed to me instantly was their Flawless palette. It had some really nice neutral shades, with certain pops of more colorful shades. Since I purchased it, I had time to try out the palette and there are even some makeup looks in this post, so you can see how they actually look like on me.

It comes in their usual very glossy black packaging, which seems to be very well made. It's pretty to look, but not so much for touching. 

Here are ingredients.

Paper: skin like matte nude
Soft Glow: pearly shimmery champagne (rose toned)
Buff: shimmery warm light brown
Highlite: very shimmery metallic white (champagne)
Angel: very shimmery light yellow gold
Unlimited: shimmery bronze brown
Brew: shimmery copper based brown
Silver Smoke: shimmery taupe

Almost There: light warm matte brown
Uncover: flesh skin pink with slight shimmer
Barely Pink: salmon pink with slight shimmer
Lowlite: very shimmery red based bronze brown
Golden Night: very shimmery yellow gold
Gold Digger: very shimmery orange gold
Cheerless: shimmery purple dark brown
Blue Stars: blue black with slight blue shimmer

Smudge: warm matte brown
Shimmer Heart: shimmery champagne pink
Universal: shimmery red toned brown
Copper Shimmer: very shimmery copper
Medal: very shimmery orange gold
Darkest Shimmer: shimmery cranberry brown
Tarnish: shimmery red-silver based brown
Black Tie: black with chunks of silver glitter

Pure Chocolate: matte chocolate brown
Raw: matte light taupe brown
Red Night: shimmery orange based cranberry
Molton Chocolate: very shimmery warm chocolate brown
Burgandy Nights: shimmery purple based red brown
Green Stars: shimmery dark moss green
Cafe Noir: dark cool toned brown with small shimmer
Night: matte black

Some of the very shimmery shades almost feel like a cream, when you touch them. They are still powdery, but very creamy. Those shades are the most pigmented and they are: Highlite, Angel, Lowlite, Golden Night, Copper Shimmer, Medal and Molton Chocolate

The shades with the poorest pigmentation are Paper, Raw and Blue Star. Of course they are all mostly matte. However, all the other matte shades are really nicely pigmented. A well as all other shimmery shades.

I would say the pigmentation of this palette in general is pretty good. I find the shades to be long lasting, but then again I never have problems with any eye shadows. The color selection varies between natural and certain pops of color. All the colorful shades are still very wearable. 

It's a really good palette for a good price. You get total of 32 eye shadow shades, some matte, some shimmer and some very shimmery. The palette costs around 10€ in our country and around 8£ on Makeup Revolution store and you get 16 grams in total. 

I will say that I feel like some colorful shades would need complimentary lighter or darker shade. In this case most of the colorful shades are actually dark and I think adding one color in the same family, but lighter would give me more satisfaction. You know, I like to compliment dark moss green shade with some lighter green shade, but this palette doesn't provide me this. I guess that is just my personal taste and what I think this palette needs. Because there are so many neutral brown shades and some can even look extremely similar. So why not ditch these and instead put in some more colors? Like I said, that's just what I think.

Now the fun part, where you get to see how certain shades actually look like on me. I will say the shades that I used are mostly the ones that go with my makeup repertoire and are actually my favorite. You will see how some shades are used multiple times to compliment others.

Soft Neutral

A little above the actual crease I used Shimmer Heart. In the crease I used Raw. Buff was used in the inner third of the eye. Lowlite was used in the second third of the eye. In the V corner I used Tarnish. Around my lower lash line I used Raw and in the inner corner I put Soft Glow. 

Cranberry Violet

Here I used Raw in the crease and added Cheerless in the outer V. On the lid I used Burgandy Nights and in the very center of the lid I put Red Night. Along the lower lash line I also used Burgandy Nights and Cheerless in the outer corner. In the inner corner I put Barely Pink.

Peachy Neutral

On the lid I mixed Lowlite and Universal. In the crease I put Almost There. At the edge of the crease in the outer corner are Pure Chocolate and Burgandy Nights. In the inner corner is Angel.

Yellow Gold

First I used Almost There in the crease. In the inner corner of the lid I put Gold  Digger and in the other outer half I put Golden Nights. In the outer V corner I used Tarnish and Brew. In the inner corner is Angel.

I'll finish this post with the list of my absolute favorite shades from this palette, which are Gold Digger, Copper Shimmer, Angel, Burgandy Nights and Smudge.

So is this palette something that you would like?

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25 komentarji

  1. Tale je res ful lepa, ampak imam že tako toliko teh odtenkov... Me pa mika tudi matte... :(

    1. Ja mene mat tudi malo zamikala, čeprav nisem ljubiteljica mat odtenkov preveč in potem bi bila cela paleta mat?! :)

  2. Izgleda res kot super paletka :) A tako kot Katja, imam še ful za porabit :(

    1. O saj jaz tudi. Ni bilo iz potrebo, bolj iz želje;D

  3. Super ocena, paletka in odtenki in zelo so mi všeč vsi tvoji looki! :) Meni je sicer še bolj všeč 32 Flawless matte paletka, morda si jo kdaj kupim :) Polona, UniqaPoly

    1. Hvala:)) Mislim, da se te palete zelo splačajo, ker za dobro ceno dobiš veliko odtenkov.

  4. love the palette, also my favorite look is the second one - it's so glamorous! ;)

    1. Thank you:)) It's also my favorite and the last one as well:).

  5. Jaz ne smem več paletk in senčk kupovat, ker jih ne bom nikoli porabla :) izgleda pa krasna paletka in tvoji looki so čudoviti ♥

    1. Saj jaz tudi še nobene senčke ali palete nisem finiširala in verjetno nikoli ne bom:) Hvala:))

  6. Mejkapi <3 Res lepa paletka, mi je všeč ta raznolika zbirka naravnih senčk :) Samo ravno Raw je najbolj švoh, ki bi bil meni najbolj všeč.
    Btw, mail sem ti poslala :)

    1. Hvala:)) Hehe, se mi je zdelo, da ti bo ta všeč. Je pa res lep nabor senčk, čeprav so si ene zelo blizu glede odtenkov. Ampak za ceno je odlična paleta:).
      Sem ti odpisala;)

  7. Wau kok lepih make up lookov..<3

  8. Ohh zaradi lookov,ki si jih ustvarila, si zdaj jaz tudi želim to paletko :O ampak veeem da je ne rabim :)) jojojoj..

    1. Eh Sabina, saj jaz je tudi nisem rabila če imam coastal scents 88 paletko. To so pač lušti;D Sem danes swatchala Naked Chocolate in že sprobala ene na očeh. OMG! Odlična pigmentacija in dišijo - ne po čokoladi, ampak nekam sladko bolj:)

    2. Hehe, komaj čakam review in mogoče kake primere ličenja še zraven :)) in super da ti je všečna! :))

    3. Makeup looki bodo ziher zraven;) Res so odlični odtenki, čisto po mojem okusu:) Verjetno bo zdaj moja najljubša paleta:)

    4. Hehe, komaj čakam review in mogoče kake primere ličenja še zraven :)) in super da ti je všečna! :))

  9. Joj, krasne odtenke ima :D Pa drugi makeup look ti fenomenalno paše :)

    1. Hvala:)) Odtenki so vsi po mojem okusu, razen tisti modri so mi odveč:).

  10. Ooo zelo všečna paleta, takšne odtenke najraje uporabljam :)
    Vščeni so mi tudi vsi makeup looki :)


  11. Very nice makeup looks! This reminds me of those Warm/cool MAC palettes! :)

    1. Thanks:)) Yep, most of the shades are very warm toned. Just how I like them :D