Review: Fairy Girl Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow (1)


Hey Beauties!

I had a chance to again choose something from Born Pretty Store for the review purposes and when I saw this cute eyebrow palette, I immediately wanted it. Isn't it cute?

It comes in this cute girly packaging. You know Asian makeup products, always so cute. It's actually a really sturdy plastic. It closes safely and it has that cute light pink color with polka dots and black bow on top. It costs 6.86$ and you get 50 grams of product. You can buy it here.

I chose the shade 1. But they also have 2 and 3, which are darker and also have some really natural grey shades in it. 

Inside are three shades. You get one highlighter natural beige shade, one light brown and on dark brown. It's supposed to be used on your eyebrows or for contouring your nose

Inside you also get two double sided brushes. One has that typical eyeshadow sponge applicator, on the other side is fluffy small brush, which is actually perfect for contouring the nose. The other one has small round shaped but almost like a lip brush shape and on the other side is pointy rubber applicator. The brush that looks like a lip brush is perfect for going in between the brows. The pointy rubber is nice if you want to blend the very end of your brows or maybe to contour the nose.

Shades are really nice. It may not seem so on the photos, but they are actually a little grey toned. Just a little. 

First shade is a true neutral beige shade. It really matches my skin tone. It's warm slightly yellow toned nude with white sheen. It's so nice, because it has no shimmer, but just gives that very natural sheen. I use this on the brow bone to highlight the arch.

The second shade is a light grey toned brown. It also has that natural sheen to it. I use this shade all the time, because it matches my brows the most. 

The third shade is lightly grey toned darker brown. I wouldn't qualify this as dark, because it's not really dark, just a bit darker. It also has that pretty natural sheen. 

I think the shades in general are for light to medium colored brows. I use light brown all through my brows and then mix in the darker brown where I need more color. Like at the end, where my brows are really spars.

The powders are really long lasting. They stay put all day and don't really fade away. I wouldn't say they are water proof, but just very long lasting.

This is how my brow look like with nothing on.

I love this little brush. It fits perfectly through the brows and really nicely blends the colors in the brows. After I fill in the brows, I always brush it through with the spooly, to make it blend more.

And this is me with brow filled in. 

You can see the difference of before and after.

I have to say I was a firm believer of eyebrow pencil and only used these for a long time. However, since I got this palette I'm loving the powder technique. The shades are just so natural and perfect for me, because they're grey toned. I love the brushes that come with it. Who would have thought? Because usually, the applicators that come with palettes are a complete rubbish. 

I even use it to contour my nose a little. I have a very wonky nose, so contouring can really help make it less in your face. Above is the photo with no nose contour and down after this one, is me with the contour. I contour really lightly, but I'm sure you'll be able to see just that little bit of difference. The fluffy brush is great for contour. Again a useful tool.

I have to say, I never thought I would be praising brow product, but as you may have noticed I really like this one. It's rare that you get brow products that really fits you. I love the powders, because they last really long on my brows and the shade range is perfect for me. I also love the tools that come with it, because they are actually useful and make the application easier. I also think this is a kick ass traveling palette. It's really small, but has everything you need. Only problem might be loosing the brushes, because they are also really small.

I have a 10% off code, that you can use if you want to purchase something from Born Pretty Store. Just type in PETRAH10.

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14 komentarji

  1. Jaz obožzujem uporabo senčil za obrvi. Sicer je res, da imam rada močno poudarjene obrvi, ampak mi je lažje s senčili kot s svinčniki. Paleta izgleda prekjut, ampak senčili mi delujeta presvetli zame. Je pa fajn, da imata siv podton, ker pri nas je čisto preveč izdelkov za obrvi z rjavim podtonom.

    1. Ja s senčili ne izgleda tako grobo:). Imajo še dva temnejša odtenka drugače. Ja pri nas so skoraj vsi preveč oranžkasti.

  2. The packaging alone is adorable enough to make me want this, but to know it's actually nice to use is too has pretty much sold it. I think I'll be tracking it down!

    1. Yep, pretty and useful! :) Try it, I'm sure you'll like it. You can also choose between three color combinations:)

  3. Kakšna "majhna" razlika, pa izpade takoooo zelo lepo :D

  4. The packaging is so cute! :)

    1. Right? Asians, they really now how cute should be done:)

  5. Kera luštna embalaža <3 Sem se pa nasmejala opisu, za obrvi IN nos :)

  6. Zelo kjut embalaža! :)
    Sta mi pa zelo všeč odtenka, tudi sama imam zelo svetle obrvi in mi najbolj odgovarjajo barve s sivim podtonom. :)) Paletka, ki jo trenutno uporabljam (od I <3 Makeup) ima tudi dva svetlejša odtenka notri, vendar nima noben tistega fajn sivega podtona, zato moram nujno kombinirati še s svinčnikom za obrvi.