Review: Born Pretty Store Fake Eyelashes (5 pairs)


Hey Beauties!

Born Pretty Store always surprises me with their products. They seem to have really good quality fake eyelashes for a good price. This time I chose the ones that give you a bit drama towards the end. I've said before that I've still not mastered application of fake eyelashes, so bare with me. 

The eyelashes come in a minty plastic packaging with transparent plastic lid. The packaging actually got squished while it was travelling to me, so be aware of that possibility. 

You get 5 pairs of eyelashes. They cost 7.17$ and you can buy them here

They're supposed to be high quality, hand made, soft and natural looking. And they are all that. I got these because I love fake eyelashes that have transparent bend. If the bend is black, they are always harder to apply, more noticeable and they bother me more, because they feel heavy on my lids. 

These are very soft and I mean very soft. This will feel like feathers on your eyes. If you apply mascara to them, they will become a tad heavier. 

The look of the lash is very natural, but long. The hair is gradually becoming longer towards the outer corner of the eye. It's perfect for natural or winged out looks. It looks like a bunch of individual lashes were stick to transparent bend, so the look is very natural. On the end the hair becomes very thick. Unfortunately, if the lashes are too long for your eye shape, this is the part that you'll have to cut off, like I did. 

I also like the fact that they are lightly glued to the packaging, so that you can easily take them off, without any damage. 

As you can see the lashes are pretty long and they make natural makeup look more dramatic and fluttery. This is how they look like before I applied on mascara.

And here I tried to merge them with my natural lashes by applying some mascara. It made them thicker and therefore gave me even more drama. 

The only thing that bothered me a little is the fact that they seemed a bit scratchy on my inner corners of the eye. I think this might be my mistake, since I probably left them too long. Once I shortened them the sticky feeling was gone. So make sure to cut them to your shape. They are very lightweight on the eyes. I will say if you have hooded eyes, those may poke your brows, because they are really long. It happened to me.

I also used them in this makeup look here

Another really good quality fake eyelashes. They are extremely soft, feel lightweight on the eyes and have very natural but long hair. The invisible bend makes them easy to use and less obvious for the spectators eye. I think I might want to get more of Born Pretty Store lashes, because so far, they have not disappointed me. 

If you're also thinking about buying some eyelashes, you can use my code for Born Pretty Store called PETRAH10 and you'll get 10% off.

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8 komentarji

  1. Oh trepke, čisto nekakšen drugačen pogled:), mati narava nas bi lahko takole obdarila že od štarta, ne da se matramo z temi nanosi, podobnimi stvarmi. So mi pa tele všeč, tak naraven videz, ki ti itak paše:)

    1. Haha, se strinjam. To bi bilo odlično :D So res kar naravne, samo precej dolge proti mojim naravnim :) Hvala ;)

  2. Čudovite so! Že tako dolgo nisem nosila umetnih trepalnic, ne vem, če si jih še sploh znam dat gor =P So mi pa res všeč, tele so take naravne, ni preveč...
    Xoxo, Nyx

    1. Ah to ne pozabiš nikoli ;) Jaz jih nosim bolj samo za ustvarjanje makeup lookov in ob kakšnih res posebnih priložnostih, tako da meni tudi manjka vaje :D. Jap, precej naravne :)

  3. Zelo lepo pridejo in tak naravno delujejo :)

    1. Res naravno. Ne bi si mislila, ker delujejo kar dolge, ampak so dokaj enakomerno razporejen, da res delujejo naravno :)

  4. What is name of lipstick that you wearing on photo number 2? :)

    1. Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition in the shade 04 Peach Club :)