Review: The Hot Shop Lip Crayon (shade 10)


Hey Beauties!

Today it's another review of a Born Pretty Store product. It' called The Hot Shop Lip Crayon. The Hot Shop seems to be copying brand Top Shop. I already reviewed one of their The Hot Shop lipsticks and I loved it. The formula was amazing. So I decided to also try this lip crayon version.

It comes in a pretty matte plastic mint crayon shape with plastic transparent lid. On the bottom it has a cute dots design. It looks like a giant crayon. The price for it is 4.17$ and you get 3.8 grams. You can buy it here.

It's that type of crayon, that you just twist and it comes up. It doesn't require any sharpening. 

I chose the shade 10, because it was most neutral to me. Unfortunately I didn’t pay much attention to the shop swatches, because I thought it doesn’t have any shimmer in it.

It’s a peach shade with brown undertone and it has small gold shimmer, which I hope you can see on the photo. 

The lip crayon is pretty pigmented.  Formula is very smooth and glides on effortlessly. It also doesn’t feel sticky, but also not creamy as most lipsticks. It’s very lightweight formula for something that looks like lipstick. If you apply a lot of it, it can get a bit patchy and looks overdone. It’s not the best formula for when you have dry patches, because it does accentuate them. I find it like a mix between a lip balm and lipstick.

Shimmer in it looks tiny on the swatches and makes lips look really pretty, but I hate that when the shade starts to wear off, you’re left with chunks of pretty big glitter on your lips. It looks like a Christmas tree, definitely not pretty. It's not the most long lasting product, but it's also not like lip balm. 

It has no smell. 

It’s a very smooth and well pigmented lip crayon. The formula is good, I like the shade of it, but the glitter in it is off-putting. I wish I would have chosen something with no shimmer. I would probably like it more. But because of that glitter chunks, I don’t even want to wear it. So I advise you to look closely at their swatches and choose the one with no shimmer. 

If this sparked interest in you, go to Born Pretty Store and check out what they're offering. If you decide to purchase something, use my code PETRAH10 and you'll get 10 % off

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6 komentarji

  1. Precej zanimiv izdelek :) Ful so mi priočni taki izdelki v svinčnikih (tudi senčke) :D

    1. Senčke so absolutno priročne. :D Pri šminkah pa je fajn če je bolj kak lip balm, da ne rabiš gledat kje ga daješ gor :)

  2. Škoda za glitter, ker je res lep odtenek in ti ful paše :( Sama ne maram takih izdelkov ravno zato, ker šminka zbledi, glitter pa ostane

    1. Res je. In glitter niti ni tako majhen, ko zbledi. To me najbolj moti :/

  3. Čisto tvoja barva :) Šimer so res brezveze dali notri, morda bo pa komu všeč, čeprav redko slišiš na kakšen blogu, da bi kdo bil vesel šimra v šminkah.

    1. True, barva mi je res všeč :). A veš, da jaz še tudi nise tega slišala, haha. Saj nimam nič proti tistim majhnim šimrom, dajejo tak pearl sijaj šminkam, ampak ta je absolutno prevelik.