Review: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-purpose Dry Oil


Hey Beauties!

This is the one and only skincare product for dry skin and colder months, that you'll need in your life. I was up until recently very uninterested in it. Mateja has been raving about it in multiple posts, but I just couldn't be bothered. Then I finally realized that I have a small tester of it, which I got with some other purchase, and decided to try it. Now, I am almost certain that this will be repurchased again and again. 

It's described as a multi-usage dry oil. It's made of six precious plant oils, which are macadamia, hazelnut, borage, sweet almond, camellia and St. John's wort. It should nourish, repair and soften skin and hair. It has a unique dry texture and captivating fragrance.

It is actually made of 97,8% ingredients of natural origin. Here you can also see the ingredients list.

It comes in a classy simple glass bottle with gold top. You can buy 50 or 100 ml of it. I bought 50 ml for 18.37€ on

It has small opening through which you can pour out as much as you like. It doesn't just pour all over the bottle, you need to shake it. It actually drips out with little drops, so you can control how many drops you want. I usually use 4 drops for my face and neck. 

I have a classic version of the bottle, although they often do limited editions which are not only functional, but pretty collectibles. Mateja also has one of their black versions with gold writing which is super pretty. 

I know I usually include swatches, but since this is transparent oil, I doubt you'll see much. Still, you can see that it's very runny and it leaves a shiny layer over the skin. 

It looks a bit yellow toned in the bottle, although you see no color on your face. Its dry texture makes it a bit less oily than other natural very potent oils. It's actually lightweight and absorbs into the skin well, although not completely. On my skin it still leaves a bit of that oily layer. It probably depends on how hydrated or dry is your skin. 

I usually use it in the evening skin care routine and apply it before I go to sleep, so that I don't rub it all over my bedding. In the morning my skin is so soft and hydrated. I think this is especially good for softening and hydrating dry or dehydrated skin. If you'll be using it in the evening routine, even better. It will absorb through the night and in the morning you'll have plumped soft skin. 

I also recommend you to apply it on top of your hydrating tonic and serum. This way you'll lock in all of the hydrating properties of other skin care products. Obviously, this can also be used in other ways. Mix it into your moisturizer, mix it with your foundation, use it on hair for shine or even on your body. To be fair, I only use it on my face and on top of my other skin care products. The price is too high for me to use it on my body.

Saying that, I also want to point out that this oil will last you a really long time. You need the smallest amount possible, so 50 ml is a lot.

It smells amazing. I have no other way to describe it. Some may say that the smell is strong, but I would say it's in between of being strong, but still subtle enough. It smells oriental nutty to me. I am not one that indulges in scented skin care, but this is a treat. Smell of it instantly makes me happy and makes my skin care routine feel like a spa treatment. My boyfriend loved the smell of it on me, when I was using tester version and if he says it smells good, it must be great. You know how men are with skin care and compliments. 

I also need to point out that my skin is sensitive and I feel no irritation with this oil, in spite of the scent. 

If you're looking for a good face oil for dry skin, look no further. I think the price is still very good for the amount you get, if you use it according to your skin needs. It nourishes the skin and makes it extremely soft. If you feel like you may not need that big amount just for the face, use it on your hair or body. You'll never need to waste this product. This would also be nice to use on shoulders in seasonal parties that are coming. Nuxe also has shimmering version of oil for such occasions, which a lot of fellow bloggers have written reviews of as well. 

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7 komentarji

  1. Tukaj se javljam kot ena mala obsedenka z olji:), čisto so me prevzeli.(Nuxe, Melvita, Adria Spa, Alpstories). Sama sebi sem postavila test in sicer ne tega od Nuxe ampak suho olje za obraz Adrie Spa 1 mesec uporabljala vsak dan 2x na dan in ne vem kako, še sanja se mi ne, moja koža je tudi po umivanju npr. brez kakih posebnih pen, gelov, NOROOOO mehka, ne znam opisat:), ne morem se načudit ali je to res samo od olja. Še na negi obraza, ko sem bila pred kratkim je rekla kako mehko kožo imam. Nuxe oljček pa tako lepo diši:)

    1. Enako :D

      Zadnje čase sem čisto obsedena z njimi.

    2. Mene tudi. Sicer to komaj zdaj zadnje leto, prej olj sploh nisem poznala v svoji dnevni rutini :). A ne? Odlično delujejo na kožo. Jaz imam od Nuxe tudi zelo mehko :D. Ful lepo diši, jaz bi ga kar pojedla :).

  2. Yay, sam da ti je všeč :D Sem verjetno že čisto brezvezna ker ves čas govorim o tem olju, ampak je ena izmed redkih stvari, ki jo uporabljam vsak dan in to že več let. Trenutno imam dve flaške, tisto z eifflovim stolpom in črno, ki je še polna. 50 ml mi je bila zoprna za uporabljat, ker mi ni bil všeč sistem doziranja, ampak večje imajo sprej in je super :) Pa ena flaška traja forever.

    1. Ful :D. Morala bi ti že prvo verjeti na besedo :P :D. Aja 100 imajo spraj? Sem videla, da imajo spraj eni. Meni pa ni slabo doziranje, ker dejansko se nič ne poliva, moraš res ven spravit :). Jaz sem imela tester...saj ne vem koliko ml je bilo, ampak res tak mini...sem ga verjetno 20x uporabila. To bo meni večno trajalo :).

  3. Aaa to je tisto olje,ki ga nonstop hvališ :)) veš da mi ni takoj kliknilo :D to mam še tester doma,moram probati :))

    1. Ja ja :)) No vidiš..odlično. Čim prej probat ;)