Review: Catrice Supreme Fusion Lipcolour + Care (070 Remarry Berry)


Hey Beauties!

It may seem like today's review would be better suited for fall, but I actually love this lipstick as a light stain for summer as well. It's lovely plum shade with really nice moisturizing formula.

Lipstick comes in silver metallic looking packaging. It's thin pencil form and quite small. Good for carrying around. It has Catrice name printed on the packaging.

In it is 3 grams of product and it costs 5.29€.

It's called Supreme Fusion Lipcolour + Care and it means that it combines shiny color with care. It should have medium to full opacity and give you lovely shine. They come in 8 shades and I got 070 Remarry Berry.

As you can see on the outside is color and on the inside is supposedly nourishing and shiny balm, I think. When you apply it on the lips it all mixes together and creates a very lovely creamy and shiny finish.

Texture is really creamy and it applies very smoothly almost a bit buttery. Formula feels very nicely nourishing and it never dries out the lips

Pigmentation is okay, as they say more of a medium coverage, but you can obviously build it up by applying more coats. As you can see on my swatch it has that sheerness to it and it's not fully opaque lipstick. It gives lovely shine.

It will enhance dry patches, because the color sticks to them a bit and it looks darker there.

Because it is such a shiny product, it's obviously not very long lasting, but it also doesn't disappear in few minutes. 

Shade is medium plum and it kind of has some warmth to it. I really like the shade, although I prefer these darker shades in matte finishes, since I'm always afraid of smudging. I don't find this one to move out of lip lines and it stays put.

I love to use it as a stain. Because of darker shade, it leaves lovely uniformed stain that I then apply shiny lip glosses over it.

On my skin tone it looks almost a bit redish plum and I like that. You can see how it looks like on Mateja here. I find that it looks a bit cooler on her, because of her cool hair color.

I also swatched some similar shades for you to see how it compares to them. Catrice's formula is very similar to one of my favorite Avon formulas, their Ultra Color Indulgence lipsticks. The only difference being that their darker shades are not as pigmented as for example this from Catrice.

I love creamy and shiny formula of this lipstick. It's non drying and looks very flattering on the lips. Pigmentation is on the sheerer medium side, but can be build up. Surprisingly this stays put well and doesn't smudge. I love this plum shade and it leaves really nice stain on the lips. Because of the formula, I would probably get myself one of the nude shades, because I find lighter lipstick easier to wear with that kind of shiny formula. It's definitely lovely formula and I might even consider buying some other shades.

*PR product.

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12 komentarji

  1. What an interesting lipstick! I love the berry colours!! :) x

    Victoria |

    1. Me too. Sheers for summer and pigmented for fall and winter :)

  2. Kakšen čudovit odtenek, imam enakega.

    Super ti pristaja <3

  3. Res ti lepo pristaja <3 Na tebi res zgleda dosti bolj poletni odtenek, medtem ko sem se pri Matejini objavi že slinila kako je popoln za jesensko/zismki čas :)

    1. Hvala :) Mogoče zato, ker imam malo bolj toplo polt, pa tudi zdaj sem že na temnejših pudrih, ker sem po telesu porjavela malo :).

  4. Kako lep odtenek in res ti pristaja! :) Tudi jaz rada takšne odtenke uporabim poleti in ne samo jeseni.

    1. Hvala :) Jaz tudi. Vijolični so sploj super za vse leto :).

  5. Waaw, res lepo pride na tebi! :) in ja, sama se ne oziram na letni čas, tako da t. i. jesenske odtenke nosim tudi v drugih letnih časih. :) (Natalija)

    1. Hvala :) <3 Saj tako je prav. Je treba nosit to kar nam je všeč in nam paše ne glede na "trende" :).