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Hey Beauties!

As far as I'm concerned Zoeva has one of the best eyeshadow palettes. Ever since I got Cocoa Blend, I've been using it with pretty much every eye makeup that I do. I wanted to add some more colors to my Zoeva collection and I decided to get Mixed Metals as well. It looked like this palette had the most shades that I liked out of all their other palettes and I think I made the right decision.

This palette also comes in a cardboard packaging. It has magnetic closing. I've grown to love these kinds of packaging, because they are so easy to open and close. I don't know how they would be to travel with though. It also has metallic silver and gold writing on it.

I believe the price is around 22€. Before they cost 17.50€, so if you want them, you better get them before they decide to make them even more expensive. In the palette is 10 x 1.5 grams of product, so 15 grams of product all together. 

The names are all metals or stones and shade range varies from warm yellow greens to cooler blues. I think of this one as an colorful addition to basic warm Cocoa Blend palette. The shades have a wide range of colors, are mostly very colorful, but still very wearable. 

Alloy: plumy brown. This looks really purple in the packaging, but on my eyes it looks more of a brown with some purple sheen to it. It may look cooler on cool skin tone. It looks similar to Delicate Acidity from Cocoa Blend, but that one is more purple. They are in fact similar, but Alloy looks like plum tinted brown, while Delicate Acidity has purple sheen that could pass as a purple.
Neo Brass: warm very yellow based light green. This is my favorite shade of this whole palette. It reminds me of L'Oreal Infallible Bronze Goddess eyeshadow, but that one is in fact a lot darker and more muddy, not nearly as bright and yellow toned as Neo Brass.
Bronce: warm medium olive green. This one also has yellow undertone, but it's darker than Neo Brass and more olive.
Rusty Steel: bronzy golden brown. It reminds me of Subtle Blend from Cocoa Blend, but it's more true bronze golden brown. Subtle Blend is more of an orange based brown.
Copper Plate: warm copper red. It has a very orange undertone, but looks more redish brown and has a very red sheen to it. This one is probably my second favorite from this palette. 
Warm Silver: warm light pink. It's very white based and it's lighter than my skin tone.
Platinum: camouflage green. It looks like one of those camouflage greens, that looks like a grey green. In the pan it looks cool toned, but when you swatch it, it has light golden sheen to it. This is definitely the most unique shade in the palette. I actually really like it. On cool skin tones this may look a lot cooler.
Ore Stone: cool petroleum blue. One of those peacock blues. 
Aluminum: cool medium grey. 
Onyx: matte black. This is the only matte shade in the palette. 

My favorite shade of them all is Neo Brass. It's exactly my kind of green shade, very warm and yellow toned. My second favorite is Copper Plate. This will be amazing for the fall, but I love it with bronze makeup as well. Rusty Steel is epitome of bronze shade and is also one of my favorites. Bronce is again one of my favorites, because I love these warm greens. Platinum is the most unique shade and also one of my favorites. It can look cool or warm depending on what kind of makeup I use with it. Alloy is very wearable, while Ore Stone is nice colorful choice. Warm Silver is my perfect inner corner shade for neutral looks. Aluminum is probably the only shade that I don't care for, because I don't like to wear grey shades. Onyx is what every palette needs, nice black matte shade that I love to use to darken other shades or as an eyeliner. 

Pigmentation of these is just insane. Whenever I try other eyeshadows, I get why I don't use them as much. Zoeva palettes are just so pigmented with one swipe. The more metallic the shade, the more buttery, almost creamy, it is. Copper Plate is one of the most buttery shades from this palette. It's almost a cream. Matte Onyx is the only shade that feels the driest to the touch, although it doesn't lack in the pigmentation department at all.

I would say the pigmentation is even a bit better than Cocoa Blend. In cocoa Blend is more matte shade, which obviously feel drier to the touch and therefore are not as even as buttery metallic shades. But in Mixed Metal all metallic shades are super pigmented, while in Cocoa Blend some feel a bit drier. I have to say the quality is just superb.

All the shades in this palette have a very metallic finish with lots of metallic sheen, but no visible glitter or shimmer. Onyx is the only matte shade and the one that can look a bit dusty, but can be build up to full opacity. 

There is almost no fall out with these and they stay on the lid for the whole day without smudging or going into crease. If you get very oily lids, they might get into the crease a little. Especially because they are very buttery. 

With my makeup looks I always use Avon Ideal Flawless Eyeshadow Primer, not that those shades need it to be more intense. It's just a habit that I use with any eyeshadow really. 

Here are some of the makeup looks that I created with this palette. I included all the shades. Keep in mind that my camera picks up a lot of warm tones and that I have a warm yellow skin tone. Some of these shades would probably look completely different on cool skin tones. 


Crease: Cocoa Blend - Substitute for Love
Inner and outer part of the lid: Bronce
Center of the lid: Neo Brass
Inner corner: Warm Silver

Purple Brown

All over the lid: Alloy

It looks too brown on my eye makeup photo, but the photos of my full face represent the shade better.

Greenish Grey

Inner lid: Platinum
Outer lid: Aluminum
Crease: Aluminum and Onyx
Eyeliner: Onyx

Redish Brown

All over: Rusty Steel
Center of the lid: Copper Plate
Inner corner: Warm Silver

Green Blue

Crease: Cocoa Blend - Substitute for Love
Inner lid: Neo Brass
Outer lid: Ore Stone
Outer v corner: Cocoa Blend - Substitute for Love, Freshly Toasted and Beans Are White
Inner Corner: Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter Golden Lights

I am more than in love with this palette. Cocoa Blend is my favorite as well and matte shades from Cocoa Blend I use with literally every makeup look. Mixed Metals gives you some more color variations. The pigmentation and texture is insane. They stay on for the whole day. Zoeva eyeshadow palettes are just amazing and I would highly recommend you to get some.

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12 komentarji

  1. Super swatchi, seveda.

    Tudi jaz jo imam, čudovita je res. <3

    Samo bedno mi je, da so jih podražili, nepotrebno -.-

    1. Hvala. :) To mi gre izredno na živce, glede na to da ne menjajo sestavin ali povečajo količine, nimajo za kaj zviševati cen.

  2. These look lovely. I love the Copper Plate colour it looks beautiful x

    1. I love that one too. One of my favorites :)

  3. Kaj pa uporabiš za podlago? Ker se mi zdi, da swatchi veliko bolj pigmentirani, kot pa potem senčke izpadejo na tvojih vekah...

    1. Avonov primer. Verjetno je kriv moj fotoaparat. Nikoli ne pokaže odtenkov na meni tako živih kot so v resnici. So pa res odlično pigmentirani odtenki.

  4. Super objava in res čudovita paletka, polna prekrasnih odtenkov. Love it! In seveda tvoji make up looki <3 xx

    1. Hvala :). Odtenki so čisto moji, mogoče minus kakšne sive :D. Hvala ;) <3

  5. Pigmentacija izgleda super tako na roki (swatches), kot tudi na vekah. Pa tudi izbira barv je zanimiva (ni tipična nude paletka) :) xx Maja

    1. Na vekah izgleda celo malo manj živo kot v živo. Pač fotoaparati :D. Meni je tudi všeč nabor barv. Ni vsakdanji, ampak je še vedno zelo nosljiv :)

  6. Zelo lepa paletka in looki. :) Prva vrstica v paletki je top, modri in zeleni odtenki pa niso najbolj zame, razen, če imam malo barve. Kaj imaš pa na ustnicah pri 'Purple Brown' looku?

    1. Hvala :). Moji najljubši odtenki so tudi vsi v zgornji vrstici :D. Pri Purple Brown imam Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte - odtenek Peach Flatters. Zanimiv odtenek, na meni deluje bolj peach, je pa skoraj malo roza :).