Review: Catrice Lash Dresser Comb Mascara


One of the novelties of Catrice fall/winter new products is also Catrice Lash Dresser Comb Mascara. I wanted it purely because it says that it has a comb brush, which I thought would be great for defining the lashes.

It has a black and mauve plastic packaging, which weirdly reminds me of Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. It's a lot slimmer than most mascaras. In it is 7 ml of product and it costs 4.69€.

The wand is silicon and it has four rows of small silicon comb bristles. Bristles are really short, maybe 2 mm long. Comb like shape helps you to coat each lash and it almost brushes them through.

Because the bristles are so short, I have to get really close to the roots, to perfectly coat each lash. Sometimes I get too close and I poke myself in the eye which is not a pleasant feeling. The brush has a lot of product on and it can make lashes look clumpy. I would advise to wipe off the excess with a tissue and then use it.

One coat gives the lashes very natural definition. I find that it elongates them just a little bit and it definitely defines them. This is not a volumizing mascara. It's more for definition. It doesn't give you tons of length either, just a bit. 

On the photos below you can see my natural lashes and on the right side are my curled lashes. 

On the left photo I only applied one coat and on the right side I went in with another coat. As you can see one coat gives you a lovely definition, but the second coat can make the lashes look a bit clumpy. The more you layer it, the more volume you get. But by doing so, you also compromise definition effect. 

On the bottom photo I also applied some to my lower lashes. I love this for the lower lashes, because if you wipe it off on a tissue, you'll get a really nice soft definition. With most mascaras my long lower lashes always look clumpy and thick, but Catrice actually gives them some definition and makes it look like there's more of them than it really is.

I also love the fact that this holds the curl well. Actually, it holds my curl for the whole day. Maybe that's because the formula is not too wet. It's also not dry, but it feels lightweight on the lashes. As far as I know, it's not a waterproof formula.

If you apply more coats, it may start falling down through the day. Sometimes I find little dots of mascara on my under eye area. If you apply small amount, you won't have this problem. 

I also wanted to show you how it looks like on my full on makeup photo. I've already used it in many of my previous makeup looks like: Red Glitter Lips, Modern Mermaid Makeup and Glowy Summery Makeup.

This is a mascara for those that want definition. It's perfect for those that already have voluminous and long lashes, but just want a bit of added definition. The fact that it holds my curl for the whole day, makes it a winner in my book. It's also not too wet, but there is a bit too much product on the wand in the beginning. Personally, I am a lover of silicon wands and the comb bristles are great for definition. I would have liked just a bit more volume from it, but you can't have it all. I've been loving defined lashes, especially with simple makeup looks. I find that the lashes can make a huge difference and since I don't have as many, a lot of mascaras just make them looks like there's even less. Catrice's is probably my new favorite for a natural defined lash look.

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10 komentarji

  1. I've just started using this maskara and I love it, but as you said I already have long lashes so I just need a bit of definition. Lots of other maskaras make my lashes look fake because of the lenght so this one ia perfect for me.

    1. Oh you're lucky. :) My lashes are quite poor looking on their own. Thank you for commenting, I guess I assumed right, when I thought that this mascara would be great for naturally long lashes. I like it for my lashes as well, just to add some definition :).

  2. Uuuu krasno izgleda. Bi pa pohvalila tudi tvoj novi logo in hudo barvo las. :)

    1. Hvala, hvala :) <3 Na jesen grem vedno malo bolj temna. Poleti se mi izredno hitro izpira barva in potem še malo sonca, pa sem že skoraj blond :D.

  3. Did I read da drži trepalnice zavihane? Samo se mi zdi da so moje bolj trmaste kot tvoje. Mogoče ji kdaj dam šanso, čeprav imam raje več volumna, mi je pa definicija še vedno prioriteta :)

    1. Indeed :). Meni se tudi zdi, da so tvoje bolj trmaste. Verjetno zato, ker imaš itak bolj močne. Jaz imam vse "dlake" precej tanke in mehke. Mogoče ti bo celo všeč. Samo jaz bi ti svetovala, da jo pred uporabo malo obrišeš, ker ima res preveč izdelka na krtački. ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Zanimiv glavnik za trepalnice :D. In očitno deluje ;).