Review: Benefit They're Real! Mascara


I am always interested in hyped up products. Especially when it comes to a bit more expensive products. The price doesn't always indicate the quality, so I always want to try it out myself. When I was in Sephora, I saw that they had mini version of Benefit They're Real! Mascara and I decided to try it out. 

This is a mini version, but it has the same design as a full size. It comes in a grey plastic tube with black and orange writing. The top is silver. It's definitely not as flashy as most drugstore mascaras.

In mini version is 4 grams of product and it costs 12€.  Full size costs 26.50€ and in it is 8.5 grams of product. 

The wand is actually as big as in normal size. It's a silicon wand with short bristles. Bristles are placed in rows. At the end you get a sphere shape or a spiky ball, as I like to call it. I don't really like that. It is easier to coat lower lashes with it, because you often times can't get close to them with the whole wand, but it also means that you can easily poke yourself in the eye.  I didn't find it useful and there was always a lot of product stuck among bristles at the end. 

The wand is a bit too big for my liking. I like smaller wands with which I can come closer to my lash line to really tight line them as well and brush them through from ends to the tips.

This mascara promises dramatic length and volume, base-to-tip curl, visible lift and long-wearing results

I think it's a good average mascara, but it didn't impress me. Especially based on the price that this retails for. On my lower photo you can see my natural curled lashes. On the second photo is one coat of this mascara and on the third photo I applied second layer and one on the bottom lashes.

This looks best with one or two thin coats. The more you layer it, the more clumpy it can look. It doesn't look spidery, but it just doesn't have that definition when you layer it. With just one coat you get a bit of volume and definitely some length. The more you layer it the more volume you get, but loose definition. I also find that my curl drops just a tiny bit. Which to be honest, it does with most mascaras. All in all this holds the curl very well. It stays the same for the whole day.

Formula is more on the dry side. It almost reminds me of waterproof formulas, like some of the Essence mascaras, which I don't really like. If you apply more coats you may get some fallout. I sometimes find small dots on my under eye area at the end of the day. It's has nice basic black color.

It is definitely long lasting and it stays the same through the day. I always use regular mascara formulas, so I can't speak for those of you that have watery eyes or mascaras smudge on you. 

I think that the finish result is enhanced. You get some length and volume, but it is still not super impressive as I would have expected from such a price point mascara.

It's a good mascara, but it's not impressive. It gives me some volume, length, holds curl well and stays on my eyes for the whole day. Finished result is still pretty natural. I would like it to be more voluminous or more defining. I don't like drier formula and the wand is too bulky for my liking. In my opinion it's not worth the price. I wouldn't pay over 26€ for it, because I can get better drugstore mascaras at lower prices. 

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6 komentarji

  1. Meni je bila tudi bolj povprečna - nekako ok za vsak dan, ampak je imela predolge ščetine, da sem se pogosto zbadala v oko. Njihova Roller Lash mi je veliko bolj všeč in ji je Maybelline Lash Sensational zelo podobna, za katero pa že vem, da ti je všeč. :)

    1. Točno tako. Dobra, ampak me ni navdušika. Ščetine so res predolge. Jaz sem se s tisto sprednjo krolgico večkrat zbdla v oko. Nadležno.. Ja to sem slišala, da je ta podobna Maybelline :). Zdaj mi je mogoče malo žal, da nisem vzela Too Faced Better Than Sex :).

  2. Meni izgleda dobro na tvojih trepalnicah :) Definirano in dosti poudarjeno. Samo isto lahko dosežeš s cenejšo maskaro, kot praviš.

    1. Točno tako. :) Pa tudi samo formulo morem večkrat nanest, da dobim ta želen videz. Z Maybelline to dobim v enem potegu, ko je že malo suha. Pač dobra, ampak vsekakor ni vredna denarja.

  3. Meni je bila ful všeč tale - ampak nujno v kombinaciji še s kakšno maskaro!

    1. Mene pa vsekakor ni navdušila. Za tako ceno sem pričakovala veliko več.