Review: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed - Moonstone


If you're a highlighter lover, you've probably heard of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors or you may own them. It has been on my wish list since I got obsessed with highlighting, so finally I own one. I wasn't sure which shade to choose, but decided that Moonstone was the most obvious choice for my fair skin tone and I was right. 

It comes in a taupe rubberized packaging with silver details. The design is a bit odd to me and I'm not sure what it should represent, but it's definitely well made. In it is 8 grams of product and I got it for 41.33$

Packaging is quite bulky and thick. It's not the most travel friendly, but it is secure.

Formula is on the drier side and it is a very fine powder. It has good pigmentation. You can apply it really sheer or build it up for an intense look. It's sheerer than for example theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, but that doesn't mean that it's not pigmented. It looks more natural on the skin, because it doesn't have strongly pigmented base. It also catches the light and gives off lovely shine, while Mary-Lou is really intense and looks almost a bit metallic. 

Moonstone is a light champagne shade with yellow gold undertone. I like that it's actually really light, but it's still gold toned and warm. It has a lot of very small shimmer that gives it that lovely skin like sheen and it also has a few bigger shimmer which can be seen up close and looks like a gold or even multicolored. You can apply it really sheer and it looks very natural with a few of shimmers glistening here and there or you can go heavy handed and create almost metallic like sheen. But it's still not as intense as Sleek Solstice palette for example.

I wanted to compare shades and finishes with my other highlighters. Essence LE Merry Berry in 01 I Love My Golden Pumps is very similar to Moonstone. It's just slightly more white based but has the same sheen and shimmer chunks in the formula. It is also a bit sheerer. Essence LE Metal Glam in 01 Gold Digger is also very similar to Moonstone. It has the same intensity and tone. The only visible difference is that Gold Digger has slightly more white sheen than Moonstone, which has more of a gold sheen. They are really similar in texture, have the same amount of shimmer and the same intensity of a sheen. I also swatches Subsolar from Sleek Solstice palette just to give you an idea how this one is the most intense and has the brightest shine of these all. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer seems like an orange outcast among these. It's in fact a lot darker than all the other shades and has  a lot deeper golden sheen with slight orange base. It's also a lot more pigmented and not as sheer as others.

Mary-Lou Manizer has been my favorite since I got it. But I am head over heels with Moonstone. It just matches my fair skin tone even better than Mary-Lou, especially now in the colder months. It looks more like part of my skin and therefore looks more natural, but still gives me lovely shine. I think Becca will be my favorite choice for colder months and Mary-Lou is going to be my favorite for when I am not as pale. 

It's really long lasting. I can wear it for the whole day and it's still on my face at the end of the day. There's no noticeable scent to it.

I adore how this powder looks natural, but still gives you an amazing shine. I also love the fact that it's light, but still warm that it goes with my warm skin tone. It's one of those effortless makeup products that makes a huge difference. You can't really overdo it, because it will still look like a part of your skin. 

Here are also some photos of me not wearing highlighter on the left side and me with Moonstone on the right side.

I haven't put it down ever since I got it. It has definitely become my new favorite highlighter. I love fine powder, lovely light and warm tone to it and the fact that it looks natural, but still adds lovely shine. It is also long lasting and it fits my fair skin tone perfectly. Is it worth the money? I think the price is a bit overdone, but I can't argue the fact that this is by far the best looking highlighter for my skin tone. Yes, you can definitely find cheaper alternatives like the ones from Essence Limited Editions and I'm sure more brands do similar ones. But if you're a true highlight lover, you'll want it in your stash. 

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7 komentarji

  1. Mene je predvsem presenetila odlična obstojnost na koži, odtenek mi je pa tudi super. Nanašam ga z RT Setting Brush, ki koži doda bolj subtle glow, ki mi je zelo všeč. Zdaj me mika še najsvetlejši odtenek Pearl :)

    1. Res je dobro obstojen. Sicer se mi zdi, da je Mary-Lou na moji koži enak. Mi je pa res všeč, da je svetlejši odtenek :). Jaz uporabljam enega malo bolj fluffy od Zoeve, ki je tudi ravno prave velikosti. Res mi je fascinantno kako lepo sijoč je, a hkrati ne izgleda preveč kovinsko in pigmentirano. Pearl bi bil zame prehladen. Je pa lep odtenek za res svetlo kožo.

  2. Oh ko bi bil vsaj imel spodobno ceno in bil lažji za dobit. Izgleda popoln :)

    1. Cena je res kar uf, ampak mi je res izredno všeč. Vsekakor bo vreden denarja. Je ravno dovolj svetel in še zlat :).

  3. I feel like I need liquid Moonstone highlighter, it looks extremely awesome!

    1. Any will do :). It's really lovely. I like how natural, yet shiny it can look. One of those effortless makeup products that you can't go without once you try it :).