Review: Eveline Cosmetics 8 in 1 Total Action Intensive Nail Conditioner


I've said many times that my nails are weak and prone to chipping. Trying to find a solution for those kind of problems is mission impossible. Or so I thought until recently. I've found the best nail conditioner that actually made my nails stronger and longer. 

Eveline Cosmetics 8 in 1 Total Action Intensive Nail Conditioner is just what it sounds like. It has active Strong Nail complex that penetrates nail structure and it also regenerates and reconstructs it. It should tighten and harden nails as well as help with the growth of nail plate. Conditioner should also make nails more flexible and protect against cracking, breaking and splitting. It also helps to restore smooth surface and gloss shine to damaged nails. Finish is supposedly matte. It promises to do all that withing 10 days of using it.

My friend actually introduced me to this product. She knew I had weak nails and recommended it to me. Apparently it helped her too. I was to intrigued to pass on it, so I gave it a try.

It comes in a paper box with instructions. Squared glass bottle is pretty basic with white top. In it is 12 ml of product and it costs around 7€. In Slovenia I bought it in Tuš Drogerija.

This is nail treatment and as such it comes with instructions that you should follow. On the first day of use you should apply conditioner on the nails. On the second day you should go over that layer with the second one. On the third day you should remove it and repeat the process. And you should do this for 2 to 3 weeks. After that it says to use this once a week as a prevention. 

It has a regular straight cut medium width brush. I find it easy to apply nail polish with. It's a milky white color, but it almost looks like nothing on the nails. It just gives them slight white tint and makes them look overall brighter. It dries pretty fast and it dries to a semi matte finish. It still has a bit of sheen, but is not glossy.

This nail polish contains 2% of formaldehid which can cause allergy, so they advise you to stop using it in case of burning sensation, allergy reaction or pain. Formaldehid is in general very controversial ingredient because of its health risks, so I advise you to do some research before you use it, if that concerns you.

I have very weak, soft nails that are almost always chipped. I can't remember the last time that my nails looked as nice as they do know. I have a well balanced diet, but my nails and hair are still not in good condition. In my case, nail treatments were always interesting to me. I've tried some in the past but none really worked.

I've started using this as it said to be used, but I only used it for about a week and then I just used it as a base coat for my manicures. After about two weeks I noticed first changes. They weren't necessarily harder, but I noticed that they didn't chip as much. There was still some chipping, but much less than usual.

After about three weeks of use my nails look like this. They are finally long and they almost don't chip anymore. I might find some chipping on one or two nails. I was seriously surprised by how good my nails look. I even need to shorten them now, because they became a bit too long for my liking. My nail surface is smoother and healthier looking. I still don't notice my nails as being harder, but they are definitely a bit more resistant to my clumsiness and don't break at the first bump.

On the bottom photo you can see how conditioner looks like on the nails. It makes nails slightly milky white, but doesn't give them any unnatural shine, just a bit of sheen. 

This turned out to be great product for my nails. I finally have smooth, strong, long and chip free nails. I've also noticed that my manicures last longers. I can even have them colored for about 5 days without too many chips. It has definitely recover them and made them look and feel healthier. I can't guarantee that it will help your nails too, because products react differently on others, but it has positively surprised me. I always thought that you can't save the nails with applying something on them and that you should try with something more internal, like healthy diet or supplements, but it proved me wrong. I will probably stop using it now, because I want to see how quickly they'll become chipped again or if it has any lasting results and will update you on it on my social media.

As one of those people that could never have good looking nails, I wanted to introduce you to this product that actually made a difference with my nails and I'm hoping that it might help someone else too.

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7 komentarji

  1. Moram si zapomnit tega, ker me dosti sprašujejo za priporočila, jaz pa sama teh stvari ne rabim uporabljat :) Sicer moja sestrična prisega na Barry M 3 v 1 :) Btw krasni nohti <3

    1. Jaz do zdaj tudi nisem imela nobenega za priporočit. Ampak je res odličen. Vsaj na mojih nohtih je naredil čudeže :). Hvala :).

  2. Jaz sem imela iste težave z nohti. Poizkusila sem ogromno utjevalcev brez uspeha. Potem pa so mi priporočili od Essence Ultra Strong Nail Hardener 85%. Uporabljala sem ga 3 mesece redno, potem pa 1x na teden, včasih tudi na 2 tedna (ponavadi po čiščenju stanovanja, ko imam večji stik z vodo). Od takrat imam lepe, dolge in trdne nohte. Se nič več ne cepijo in ne lomijo. Formaldehid pa ni nevaren. Deluje proti bakterijam in glivicam, zato priporočam uporabo tudi na nohtih na nogah. Edino kdor ima alergijsko reakcijo na formaldehid. Tudi Essence utrjevalec vsebuje formaldehid.

    1. Sem že slišala za nekega od Essence, ki je večim všeč. Verjetno bo to ta. O super, da so se ti tako popravili. Hvala za še eno priporočilo. :) Jaz sem zdaj tudi zadovoljna s svojimi. Hvala za pojasnilo. Morala sem pač izpostavit sestavino, ker vem, da nekateri hočejo kakšne bolj naravne sestavine in tudi ravno za to, ker lahko povzroči alergijsko reakcijo. Potem pa moram še sprobat na nogah, sicer so tam na sploh že dobri nohti :).

  3. Hello. I had the worst nails that one could imagine. There was not a day when one of my nails would not chip. The always looked like a disaster. Which I was trying to cover with nail polish. After using this product, none of my nails have chopped so far.

  4. Anyway, I forgot to ask you a question. Can I apply a regular nail polish on the second day i.e. after I applied the second top of my nail therapy conditioner? I would Like to have colored nails.

    1. That's lovely to hear. This nail polish saved my nails too. Of course you can. In fact, I use it more occasionally now. Not reapplying it every second day. I use it as a base coat and then apply over it a colorful nail polish and repeat as soon as my nail polish gets chipped. If you see that you're nails are getting worse again, skip the colorful nail polish and just apply this for one week straight and it should be all better again. :)