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I have to say that one of the advantages of being a beauty blogger has to be the fact that I get to try out new products from smaller brands. Those kind of brands that I otherwise wouldn't even know that they exist. In the field of natural beauty products, you can find so many brands that offer amazing products. One of these is definitely MuLondon. I tried out their famous White Chocolate Truffle Moisturizer

I immediately connected with the owner Boris as I felt like his story was close to mine. He had problems with eczema and psoriasis. I also had skin allergies since I was 4 years old and recently I also developed eczema on my hands. There are worse things in the world and I shouldn't complain about such little problems, but it does get annoying. That's why you'll notice my hands are usually very dry in my nail polish photos. I tend to use oils on the skin to make it look more attractive.

Anyway, each brand has a story and I could relate to this one. With skin allergies you usually notice that less is more. That's also the brand's philosophy of MuLondon. Their products are made out of pure, natural and (where possible) certified organic ingredients. Basically, you'll find no artificial ingredients in them. Just natural oils and herbs. They also don't use animal products and don't test on animals

You can read more about the brand here

Moisturizer comes in a heavy glass pot with a white plastic top. The design is simple and clean and the packaging is secure. In the pot is 60 ml of product and it costs 24€. You can buy it here

The ingredients list is very clean, mostly there are just butters, oils and some plant extracts

This moisturizer is for dry, dull and tired skin in need of pampering. It's 99% organic, water free formula and has extracts of cocoa and vanilla

It's basically a multi-purpose moisturizer that you can apply on any part of the skin. 

The texture of it is like a hardened beige butter. Makes sense, since it's mostly made out of butters. 

You have to scoop it out of the pot, but it's not too hard to the touch. Once it gets in contact with the skin, the warmth of it makes it melt into what feels like an oil. It's actually quite lightweight for such a formula. Usually natural oils feel very heavy on the skin. On the skin it leaves an oily and greasy finish that will soak into the skin, if you're skin is really dry. Otherwise, expect the super glowy and oily look. 

It's advised to be used as a protective day cream or super moisturizing night cream. I use it as the night cream. Every other day I use it in the step where I would usually use oils. So I apply toner, treatments, lightweight moisturizer and then apply this over it as another ultra nourishing layer.

On days when my skin looks good, I use it right after the toner. With these kind of products you can really go at your own pace. It can be enough on it's own, if you're skin is fairly normal. If you're skin is dry, I would recommend using it in conjunction with other moisturizing products like hyaluronic acid serums, hydrating toners and such. I feel like oils work best as that last protective layer on the skin that seals in all other ingredients

This combination of butters and oils makes my skin really nourished, plump looking and super soft

I also use this on dry parts of my body, like elbows and knees. It also works great as a hand moisturizer before going to sleep or just making your cuticles appear nicer

You need to use the smallest amount possible, because this is very nourishing and easy to spread onto he face once you melt it between your fingers. It's safe to say that I could use this for a year and there would still be some left. Considering that I mostly use it only on my face. 

Let's talk about the scent which is ah-mazing. It truly smells like a proper white chocolate. I can smell proper bourbon vanilla seeds mixed with cocoa butter. There's also a hint of that herbalness with the rosemary extract, but the white chocolate scent prevails. It's truly a joy to apply on the face and even my boyfriend liked the fact that I smell like chocolate. He hates herbal natural skin care scents.

Oh, if you're on a diet, you might want to avoid it. Because it gives you some serious chocolate cravings.

I got a lovely personal message with the product, which always makes me happy. It just means that someone put an extra effort to make you feel special.

As you probably figured it out already, I love it. It smells amazing, has very natural ingredients, feels really nourishing on the skin and is easy to use. I almost treat this as an oil in my skin care routine, but if you're skin is fairly normal, it could work as a heavier protective moisturizer. It' just one of those products that you can really use on so many different parts. I think you'll love this, if you're searching for something heavier, nourishing, natural and that smells great without any added artificial perfumes. 

MuLondon also offers moisturizers for different skin concerns, like anti aging and problematic skin. They also have cleansers for different types of skin.

Other Slovenian beauty bloggers also raved about this cream and you can read their thoughts here:

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10 komentarji

  1. I definitely need to try out this one... sounds amazing... :)

    1. I really liked this one. For a natural product, it's definitely one of the best I've tried. And the scent makes it that more pleasurable to put on :).

  2. Božansko je tole, res eden izmed najboljših produktov kar jih poznam <3

    1. Res je super. Vonj je pa samo še tista pika na i :).

  3. Meni je tudi še vedno zelo všeč. Imam samo še polovico, nekam hitro gre pri meni :D

    1. Res? Jaz pa ga tako malo porabljam. Sicer ga bolj kot ne rabim samo za obraz :D.

  4. What a wonderful review, Petra! Thanks so much for your kind words and all the gorgeous images. You're a star!

    1. Thank you for everything :) <3. The product inspired photos, since it just smells so good <3

  5. Awesome review you have given, i use cococare aloe vera balm which helped me in moisturizing the skin. I applied it when my skin was dry in the winter

    1. Thank you. :) Cocoa and aloe vera both sound amazing for dry skin.