Marsala Inspired Makeup


Hey Beauties!

Pantone every year chooses the color of the year. This year it's Marsala. It's named after wine and it has gorgeous red-brown base. This shade is easily translated into autumn. That's why I decided to do Marsala inspired makeup. 

I started my eye makeup with neutral flesh toned base and then I added chocolate brown into the crease. I used dark red shade all over the lid and blended it into the crease. 

On the lower lid I wanted another pop of color so I used dark purple, almost brown. I used the same chocolate brown just at the very outside corner. White shadow was use to highlight the inner corner of the eye.

I'm sorry for my horrible liner. I am at a point when all my eyeliners are drying out, so I barely have any to work with. I also added volumizing and lengthening mascara. 

On my face I used foundation, concealer and powder. I used warm shimmery bronzer and gold based highlighter. I also used a bit of contour under my cheeks. For the blush I went for something berry mauve. 

I mixed bunch of lipsticks together to get the wanted brown based red shade. It actually looks lighter on the photos. 

Marsala is totally my kind of autumn color and I actually use such shades in my daily routine. Red can sometimes be too harsh and sick like, but this Marsala hue is more like wine and anyone can pull it off. My look is very simple and quite quick to recreate. Would you include Marsala in your makeup look?

Products used

Catrice Nude Illusion foundation - 010 Nude Ivory
The Balm Concealer - Light
Elf HD Powder - Sheer
The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer (bronzer)
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette - 010 Ashy Radiance
Catrice Illuminating Blush - 010 I Am Nuts About You

Avon Ideal Flawless eye primer - Light Beige
Sleek I-Divine Ultra Matts V2 eyeshadow palette - Dune
Sleek I-Divine Ultra Matts V2 eyeshadow palette - Paper Bag
Sleek I-Divine Ultra Matts V2 eyeshadow palette - Maple
Sleek I-Divine Ultra Matts V2 eyeshadow palette - Villan
Sleek I-Divine Ultra Matts V2 eyeshadow palette - Pillow Talk
Farmasi Kajal Secret Eyeliner Pen
Avon Big and False Lash Volume Mascara - Black

Essence Lipliner 11 In The Nude
Avon 3D Plumping Lipstick - Divine Wine
Avon 3D Plumping Lipstick - Twig
NYX Matte Lipstick - Alabama

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22 komentarji

  1. Marsala is a beautiful shade and fall appropriate. You look so very pretty especially your eyes.

    Chaste & Beautiful

  2. Super look, ti zelo paše! Sem ful vesea da si uporabila V2 Matts paletko, bom tudi sama preizkusila tale look, da vidim če mi uspe :)

    1. Hvala :). Ta paleta ne bi mogla bit bolj jesenska. Nisem je še ocenila, zato zdaj preizkušam čim več odtenkov za oceno :). O super, me veseli ;).

  3. Beautiful! Personally I would add a little bit of some highlighting eyeshadow to inner corners instead of white, I think this could make your eyes look more rested and relaxed :)

    1. Thanks:) You're right, it would make me look brighter and woken up, since red can be pretty draining color. :)

  4. Vau, ti odtenki ti res ful pristajajo. <3

  5. Čudovit make up :) se ti rdečkasti odtenki zelo podajo ;) sama tudi zelo rada izberam rjavo-rdeče odtenke sploh za jesen :)

    1. Hvala :) Ko pomislim na jesenski makeup, najprej pomislim na rdečo :).

  6. Cute makeup :)
    Maria V.

  7. Prekrasno! Vidim, da potrebujem Avon 3D šminke :)
    Je pa meni ta marsala trend še posebej všeč pri lakih za nohte :)

    1. Hvala :). Hehe, mogoče pa res kak odtenek ;). U ja na nohtih bi takoj imela. Priporočaš kakšnega?

  8. Super mejkap <3 Jaz pa tako veselo "scrollam", da bom ja videla, katera šminka tako lepo zgleda :D

    1. Hvala :) <3 Hehe, sem te razočarala ha? Kar cel miks sem naredila :D.

  9. Marsala je res tako lep odtenek!<3 Lep look :)

    1. Čudovit, sploh zdaj za jesen. Vsakemu paše :). Hvala :) <3

  10. Jaz sem se zaljubila v marsalo ko sem swatchala Alessandro lakec... Tebi noro paše ta barva! Odlično :)

    1. Hvala :) Jaz bi imela kar take odtenke...šminke, lake..zaenkrat jih še nisem veliko videla v naših trgovinah :).